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    1. Balloon Shooting Novice - Need Advice
      Thu Oct 22 15:37:43 2009
      Jon Arrowood Photography posted a new topic: I have never shot balloons, or even been to a balloon festival, but I have always been fascinated by them. There is a festival in my area the festival is in Statesville, NC next weekend October 23[...]
    2. Well-known volunteers recover after balloon crash
      Tue Oct 20 21:02:00 2009
      THE Warrnambool husband and wife who were burnt in a freak hot air balloon accident yesterday are well-known community volunteers. Stuart Prince, 65, and his wife, Heather Martin-Trigg, 51, were taking part in an early-morning joy flight when the ter[...]
    3. Bank Opens Fund To Help Balloon Crash Victims
      Thu Oct 16 03:01:00 2008
      For the second year in a row, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was marked by the tragic death of a person in a balloon. Now, Wells Fargo Bank is trying to help the families of those at the center of this years accident. Wells Fargo opened the account f[...]
    4. Conner Prairie plans balloon attraction
      Sun Oct 12 17:38:00 2008
      By Gretchen Becker Posted: October 12, 2008 Read Comments3 Recommend E-mailPrintShareA A A planned 2 million recreation of a historic balloon flight would give Conner Prairie visitors a birds-eye view of the Fishers living-history museum. The p[...]
    5. Balloon accident 3
      Sun Oct 12 16:46:00 2008 h1 style="border-top-w[...]
    6. Balloon accident 2
      Sun Oct 12 16:34:00 2008
    7. Planete Balloon
      Sun Apr 13 02:05:00 2008
      Hy, The website PLANETE BALLOON will be online at the beginning of May. The goal is to show "where to fly hot air balloon in the world" and it will offer you the possibility to exchange ideas, findpropose a job as balloon pilot, sal[...]
    8. Malaysia Balloon Festival
      Wed Apr 9 16:28:00 2008
      The International Balloon Festival will be held from May 9 to May 11 at Dataran Bandaraya, Johor Baru. This event features 10 pilots with balloons from around the world. It is hoped that besides putting Johor on the world map, the festival would boos[...]
    9. Skybound Balloon Gifts
      Tue Apr 8 17:08:00 2008
      Balloonists love the clever model balloons from Skybound Balloons, so it was a surprise to learn they were discontinuing production. The founder is retiring and has sold the last of the stock to a href="http:www.fullahotair.comindex.[...]
    10. New 3 day BalloonCast Option
      Wed Mar 26 18:31:00 2008
      Theyve added a 3 day forecast option for ballooncasts. Shown graphically every 3 hours, its focused on balloooning needs, so winds and dewpoint spread come first. It also shows ceiling, the odds of rain or snow, and a few other things. At the bottom[...]

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